Pallet Racking – All you need to know for maximising storage space

selective rackingWhen it comes to warehouse shelving and storage, pallet racking ranks as the number one storage system. So, what exactly is pallet racking? Well, pallet racking is a storage system developed with the use of pallets (skids) to store and manage inventory in the most efficient manner. Pallet racking is a highly customisable system and provides warehouse operators with a lot of flexibility when it comes to storage. There are a lot of different varieties of selective racking, each designed to meet specific storage needs.
If you are looking for a way to optimise space in your warehouse, then pallet racking is the way to go. Here’s a list of ways in which you can use pallet racking to maximise storage space.

Pick and Choose the Right Pallets for Your Needs

One of the biggest mistakes that many store operators make is to invest in the wrong type of pallet. There are a variety of different pallets available in the market. Each one is designed to meet a particular need and, when correctly used, pallets can double your warehouse’s storage space. But conversely, when utilised in a wrong way, pallet racking can fail to provide impressive results. So the first step is to determine which type of pallets you should invest in and develop a storage system that is efficient. For instance, standard pallet racks are the ideal choice when dealing with high turnover and a huge variety of products. Choose the best material racks to avoid any future issues related to corrosion, etc. Where considering FIFO (First In First Out), a pallet flow rack will work well. Pallet flow racks can be loaded from one end and unloaded from the other end. Typically, the first pallet loaded will also be the first pallet to be unloaded, making it the perfect choice for FIFO requirements.

Invest in A Partial Pallet Storage System

partial storage systemDepending on your warehouse operations and inventory, a partial pallet storage system could be just what you need to optimise storage space. Having a partial pallet system has its advantages. It helps clear up floor space and ensures that pickers and replenishers have quick and easy access to products. This, in turn, means better productivity and faster operations. Having an area dedicated to partial pallets, where you store all your fast-moving products can help smoothen out your everyday warehouse operations and help you make some changes to your warehouse storage system without having to invest time and money in a complete overhaul.

Vertical Utilisation

One of the quickest and easiest ways to increase storage space is to maximise your vertical storage capacity. A good rule of thumb is to use around eighty percent of the available vertical space. Making use of the available vertical space will lead to more cleared up floor space, which can then be utilised for other purposes (including stocking additional inventory). Better use of vertical space will also help in reducing the distance travelled by pickers and replenishers which can be a huge advantage in warehouse operations. Also, when inventory is not spread out over vast floor space, the need for more lighting and climate control system decreases, which in turn leads to lower electricity bills. That’s always a plus!

Tunnel Rack

An often-overlooked area when it comes to storage is the space between aisles. While you need floor space between aisles to access inventory and navigate through the warehouse, the space overhead can be used to store more inventory which is where the tunnel rack system comes into play. It makes use of the overhead space between aisles and provides you with almost ten percent increase in storage space, which is an impressive amount when it comes to warehousing where profit margins are small, and every little bit counts. The bottom of the tunnel rack should be just above clearance space to let vehicles move through the aisles without any hurdles.

Narrow-Aisle Pallet Rack

Narrow-aisle pallet racks are, as the name suggests, pallet racks with narrow aisles between them. Using these pallet racks clears up floor space and helps maximise the height at which inventory stacks. But be warned that decreased aisle width means slower operations as pickers and replenishers will need to navigate through the aisles carefully, taking more time to access stock. Also, usage of special forklifts and vehicles as a narrow-aisle will not fit traditional vehicles. Whether a narrow aisle pallet rack is for you depends on the payoff. What is more important to you? Increased storage capacity with FIFO accessibility or faster operations? If the answer is to maximise storage capacity, then you might want to consider this pallet racking option for your warehouse.

Continuous Improvement

If you want your room to operate to its fullest possible capacity and efficiency, then you need to ensure that you spend time and effort in continuous improvement which involves analysing your WMS—Warehouse Management System—to figure out the ways in which you can increase your productivity. There are still many innovations taking place around this industry and going our lives even more easy. Depending on your inventory and the changing needs of your business, you can find new ways in which to improve your warehouse’s storage capacity. And pallet racking, being a highly flexible and customizable system, makes continuous improvement a very easy process to achieve. You can re-assemble your pallet racks, dismantle racks that are not required and do various other things to ensure that your warehouse is functioning at its optimal level at any given point in time.
clean warehouse
There is a reason why pallet racking has taken over the warehouse and manufacturing facilities as the number one storage system. In this fast-paced world of changing needs and preferences, having a flexible shelving system can be an adamant advantage. While traditional shelving systems can turn obsolete and stop meeting our needs, pallet racks can be re-assembled any number of times to meet our requirements. Having such a flexible storage system means that you can make full use of every inch of available space in your warehouse. With so many types of pallet racks at your disposal, building the most efficient storage system that leads to smooth operations and higher profit is now a reality.

How to Choose the Best Type of Tiles for the Roof

Roof act as the protecting shield for your home. It protects the whole building of your home from all types of extreme weather conditions. A properly done roofing can shield the house building from any mechanical impact and shelter it from penetration. The use of top quality material poses positive effects on the overall structure of your house. Roof made with high-quality material guarantees the safety and durability of your house’s structure. It not only effects on the maintenance of the overall structure of the building, but it also protects the ceilings, decorations, and other essential equipment of the house. As all of your house’s installation of electric power supply remains directly in touch with the roof. So proper maintenance, including roof repointing and roof rebedding, is very important. A properly shutoff external water leakage can protect you from electric shock and such sort of incidents. In a nutshell, the overall comfort level of any residential building immensely depends upon the reliable and well-protective roof.

roof repointing

Types of Roof Tiles

One of the most important things to consider in roofing process is the choice of roof tiles. Roof tiles are counted as the major roofing material. Roof tiles are not only used for the decorative purpose rather they pose immense functionality too. There are a great many types of roof tiles available in the market. You should take many things into consideration before finalising any particular type of tile. Before deciding which type or material of the tile you should choose, you must consider the climate condition of your area, your house’s building structure, your financial capabilities; and last but not the least, your preferences with respect to all the major points stated above.

Roof tiles made up of following materials are available in the market,

  • Ceramic Tiles/ Terracotta
  • Concrete Tiles,
  • Polymer-Sand Tiles
  • Metal Tiles
  • Composite Tiles
  • Flexible Tiles (Bituminous Tiles)
  • Copper Tiles

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are used for the buildings having stone, wood and bricks as the building material. These tiles are made by combining different types of clays in a specific proportion. These tiles are prepared by baking this clay. The heating process helps the tiles to acquire even shape, density and colour. Ceramic tiles can withstand extremely high temperatures. These are non-degradable even under the exposure of fire.

roof 1

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are made with the cement mortar. This cement mortar is composed of cement, sand and water. Concrete tiles have many great characteristics, including durability, high strength, frost resistance, and insulating properties for heat and sound.

Flexible Tile (Bituminous Tiles)

Bitumen is a chemical composed of hydrocarbons. Flexible tile is a canvas or fibreglass. This fibreglass is made from impregnation of cellulose with the bitumen. An addition of polymeric glass increases the strength and ductility of the bitumen. This bitumen is covered with chippings. These tiles are placed on the roof with a tilted angle. These tiles do not need any fixing material to attach.

Copper Tile

Copper tiles can be installed to make any complex roof structure. Because the small size of these tiles made them ideal to place in any way.

roof 2

Composite Tiles

The material of composite tile is similar to metal tile. It is made up of different materials such as steel, zinc and aluminium. The mechanical strength of these tiles is increased by an addition of chippings.

Polymer-Sand Tile

This tile is made of sand combined with polymers. Special components are mixed in proportionate amount and blended in the form of tile shape. These tiles can withstand high temperature and are esthetically appealing.

Metal Tiles

Metal tiles are most popular and widely used tiles. This type of tiles can withstand any climate conditions. Metal tiles are produced with the help of galvanised sheets of steel. In the process of making these tiles, these are coated with a specific material that shields the zinc from getting oxidised. One side of the metal tile is painted with acrylic colours while the other side is coated with a protective shield.

The Best Suited Roof Tiles According to Melbourne’s Weather

Melbourne enjoys temperate weather condition throughout the year. The summers are warm while the autumns are mild. Both seasons are bearable and moderate. With such weather conditions, you can select any tiles according to your preferences. Terracotta tiles, concrete tiles and metal tiles are highly recommended, as they are durable and can withstand any climate conditions.

How to find a right Solar panel for your house?

Solar panels have shot into limelight in the past decade or so. A primary driver for this trend has been the increasing quest for clean energy. Most nations around the globe are also now increasingly aware of the perils from fossil fuels and the carbon emissions they cause. To encourage citizens to shift to this perennial source of clean energy, governments in the developed, as well as developing nations, have announced a series of financial as well as non-financial incentives giving further fillip to the cause of solar panels/solar energy.

 eurosolar special

Regarding domestic solar panel installations, Australia has already made a mark in the global arena with a significant number of homeowners choosing to harness solar power for their everyday needs. Though Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane have been quick to adapt to this change, other parts of Australia are not far behind and are catching up with the trend quickly. Every single home that adopts solar panels contributes significantly to the reduction in national carbon footprint is another major factor that aids the transition.

Finding the right solar panels for your home

A decade ago finding the right solar panels for your home was pretty easy, because, you had limited or no options, in the absence of fewer vendors. But things have dramatically changed today with several domestic as well as overseas vendors wanting to grab every single order they can. Undoubtedly, this presents a huge advantage to the home owner. Suddenly, solar panels have moved into the buyer’s market from the seller’s market. Therefore, we present a short guide on how you can find the right solar panels for your home.


What are solar panels?

Solar panels represent an array of PV or photovoltaic cells which convert heat energy derived from the sun to electrical energy that you can use. But, the electrical power generated by the solar panels is DC or Direct current, and this would further need to be converted into alternating current or AC that is adaptable to your domestic needs.

Technical skill necessary for installing solar panels

Installation of solar panels calls for multiple skill sets like electrical wiring, commissioning your inverter and other allied jobs. In the digital world, some vendors offer DIY packages. However, your solar panels are best installed by a professional who has a wealth of experience and expertise with the job.

technical skill


Look for vendors who are offering extended warranties over a long period of time. Most solar installations are designed to serve you for nearly a lifetime. Many vendors offer warranties in the range of 20 to 30 years of performance and artistry in association with the panel manufacturers. The inverter is also an integral part of the solar panel installation and should give you trouble free service for at least a decade.

Look for the local advantage

The digital world has many solar panel manufacturers from different nations and they provide different services. For example, the Eurosolar special service will be slightly different from that in US. But, considering the long life expectancy of your solar installation, local vendors score over overseas vendors because of better accessibility and accountability. Thankfully, there is no dearth of Australian vendors in the solar panels market.

solar power

Does the vendor have an installation team of his own?

Some solar panel providers tend to outsource the installation to another business. Depending on specific circumstances, this could work to your advantage. However, if we go by the general experience, vendors taking charge of the installation through their employees, is a better choice.


The best way to determine the reliability/integrity of any business is to its past customers. Ask for testimonials/references and remember to get the contact information of these past customers. Speak to 2 or more of them over the phone for their opinion about the product and services of the vendor you choose. Remember that all of them may not give positive feedbacks, but you can take a balanced view from a collection of these comments.



The size of your system largely determines the price. Average homes, generally settle for 5kW and the pricing can vary depending on the power output expected, an area available on the roof, an amount of cash you can invest, the warranties and service level expected, etc. Happily, solar panels have been getting cheaper in the domestic as well as international markets. Growing demand has brought in several new manufacturers, and in 2016, the market for solar panels experiences an oversupplied state. Therefore, this is perhaps your best chance to negotiate an affordable price with the vendors.

solar panels front


It is pretty important because the incentives provided by your government and local bodies are subject to change at regular intervals. However, a local provider or a professional installer can guide you more precisely on this subject. Presently, the Australian government is providing 30% tax credit for residential/commercial properties investing in solar panels. This offer is indicated to end with 2016.

Financing options

AS with most other big ticket investments, there is no dearth of financing options for solar installations. Leasing is a convenient option that you can explore. The Lessor takes the burden of upfront investment, and the homeowner (Lessee) pays back in instalments extending up to 10 years. If you have a respectable credit score, you can raise a loan with your bank or other financial bodies to meet the upfront cost of installing solar panels.

Before you start shopping

Before you start shopping for solar panels, you must inspect your roof top to ensure that there is sufficient area available for the proposed installation. Further, the sun-rays should not be obstructed by trees or other structures in the immediate neighbourhood. Without adequate sun rays coming on to the roof, installing solar panels may not be a good idea. Though the sun-rays are freely available, you may have little or no control on other influencing factors that prevent the sun-rays from reaching your roof top.

Although the payback period for solar panels is long, you do have a chance of enjoying free power in the second half of your solar panel installation.

Garden Service Brought The Charm Back To My Garden

Relaxed moments in a beautiful garden can recharge your mental energies and rid you of a significant amount of stress that we tend to accumulate in our daily lives. But, maintaining that beautiful garden is no easy task, and you are better off entrusting this demanding job in the safe hands of a professional gardener. Professionals are no doubt expensive, though fewer homeowners appreciate the value that they add to a nicely landscaped garden in front of the home. As a thumb rule, houses with well-maintained gardens sell faster than homes with messy gardens.

garden clean ups

Professional gardeners bring knowledge and hard work to the table

You may perhaps find some people who claim to be ‘landscapers’, but when put to the test, they tend to fall behind by miles compared to a professional gardener. Professional gardeners have the necessary education, experience and skill set, which is essential for quality garden clean ups. Proper gardening involves lots of tight labour, planning and thought to maintain the alluring looks. Following are some of the important aspects you should consider while hiring a professional gardener.

You get to enjoy your garden rather than tending it

Being able to relax in your garden is one thing and doing hard work maintaining it is another. Most homeowners are less used to the kind of forced labour or use of implements that are necessary for the upkeep of the garden. Even when you fancy doing some of these tasks, hiring a professional gardener to take charge of most of the work is a better means of ensuring the appeal and good health of your garden while you draw the satisfaction of having done some great job with your garden.


Minimum mistakes

By hiring a professional gardener, you can minimise potential errors, which is necessary for the proper upkeep of your garden. Shortcuts most often end up with larger holes in the wallet, and that applies to your garden too. With a professional gardener, you can avoid situations where you are compelled to call in a professional to repair things that you did wrong. In gardening, some things are irreparable while others can be more expensive than an original work. Incorrect pruning is perhaps a case in point.


Avoid potential problems

A professional gardener can identify potential trouble spots such as insect infestations, plants that can destroy your building structure, unhealthy weeds and shrubs in your garden and similar things before they a pose a threat to your health/peace of mind.

Consider this:-

Some invasive trees and shrubs are about to destroy the wood fencing you have. Assuming you have no knowledge of the potential danger that is lurking around, the shrubs and trees, no doubt will do their job. With a professional gardener, you could have prevented a major disaster. Knowing such trouble spots in advance saves you money as well as all the trouble that they can bring along.

Knowledge that a professional gardener brings along

People for whom gardening is their livelihood know the plants intimately. Therefore, they are in a better position to determine what is suitable for your garden, considering the climate, soil conditions, your tastes and other related aspects. Professional gardeners often have plenty of creativity to bring great beauty and visual appeal to even some of the most challenging terrains.


The following are some of the qualities of a great professional gardener.

  • Know-how to keep the garden interesting across the year
  • Sourcing best materials and plants
  • Proper pruning of shrubs, trees, etc. (Bad pruning can render a plant out of shape or unhealthy and removing it may be the only option left)
  • Detailed oriented and always keeps surroundings clean
  • Has in-depth knowledge of mulching and the best kind of mulching suitable for your garden
  • Willing to acquire knowledge when needed
  • Identifies issues and discusses solutions with you
  • Able to address mistakes that may have happened
  • Is on time and dependable.
  • Efficiency and tools

Professional gardeners display a significant degree of efficiency and work with the right tools. Most homeowners on the hand tend to work with tools that are available, rather than scouting for the best tools for the job on hand. Even when you are willing to invest in the right tools, think about the hassles of maintaining them. On the other hand, notice how a good gardener is keen on keeping his tools clean. Dirty tools can also potentially spread diseases.

Are you up to the hard work involved in gardening? Perhaps not

Many people fancy working in their garden for a whole day (though many find excuses to relax after a few hours) but end up with a variety of pains and sprains. The following week, therefore, has plenty of visits to the physician and medicines to address the issues. Let us admit it – most of us lack the physical fitness necessary for lifting heavy material, working at odd angles, digging, crouching, pulling out the weeds, and making a good deal of movements. Apart from this, we need to bother about various insects, pollens, allergies, etc.

Hiring a competent professional gardener

Now that you know the value of hiring a professional gardener, the next thing to do is learning the attributes that make a good professional gardener. Remember that there are people who claim to be gardeners and others who are hardcore professionals. Inexperienced people can potentially do more damage to your garden than good. The following are the qualities that you should focus on to find the right gardener for you:-

  • Educational background
  • Testimonials and samples of past work
  • Knowledge of your terrain and other types of media
  • Responsive to communication
  • Eco-conscious and beliefs in organic gardening
  • Passionate about their task
  • Speciality services offered
  • As you would have noticed, just anyone claiming to be a gardener cannot provide the values above .

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

SEO is one of the best ways of promoting your business. SEO services can serve this purpose for your business. Various SEO services offer solutions for a variety of problems with ranking issues of your site and quality score. Depending on your needs, SEO services can help your business. Weboptimizers euro solar case study shows how euro solar becomes one of the best competing solar solution provider in Australia by maintaining SEO partnership with Weboptimizers. Listed below are the services provided by SEO Services.

seo banner

Website SEO Audit

An SEO audit comes with a different level of the details and the complexity. A simple website review would only be a few pages long and would address on-page issues like the titles that are missing, and the content which is missing. On the other side of it, a comprehensive, very big website SEO audit will be for hundreds of pages, and it would address each and every issue for all those pages. It won’t even miss the tiniest of the details that affect the ranking of the website.

On-Page SEO

On-page search engine optimisation is the SEO technique which optimises individual web pages to get a higher ranking and generate more traffic. It’s something which must be a part of all good SEO packages. On-page SEO addresses many important aspects such as the title of the page, headings, content writing, and internal link structure.

On-Page SEO involves both the content as well as the HTML source code. It works within the boundaries of a website, and every web page is optimised. The most important on Page SEO Tips are:

Meta Tags: It is perhaps the most important aspect of SEO that SEO service will do for you. Implementation of these tags is necessary. They can prove not useful but if done in a right way they can be very helpful.
Meta tags are used to provide some information about your web page to the search engines. Meta tags should be appropriate as it can increase your click-through-rate.

Title Tags: We have many tags on our page, but the most important are the title tags. It is because of the reason that title tag is what the user sees for search result and paid ads. It outlines what the web page is all about. Google compares your title with your content. So, it becomes necessary to justify the title with the right content.

Meta Description: It tells what user will find on your web page. It is not a direct ranking factor but a good meta description will help you draw traffic to your site.

User-Friendly Content: SEO services offer user-friendly content as Google is always looking for the content that user wants to see. This content is user-friendly and helpful to the user.

Heading Tags: Your blog post should have multiple headings. The page should contain headings from h1 up to h6. It makes the page more attractive.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is the one who works outside of the web page. It doesn’t work within the boundaries of the web page. Off-Page SEO implements the following concepts.

  • Link Building
  • Social Media
  • Social bookmarking

We will talk about all these, but it is important to know the importance and benefits of off-page SEO.

Importance of Off-Page SEO

Search engines want to provide the best results for the searcher, and they have been working on it for decades. To provide best results, search engines consider on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and many other quality factors.

Off-page SEO gives us a very good idea about the user’s perception of a particular website. Good sites are more likely to have references from other websites; they are being mentioned on social media and the chances are that they would be bookmarked and shared among people

Advantages of ‘off-page SEO’ to site owners

A good off-page SEO will provide following benefits to the users.

The increase in rankings – Your website will be ranked higher in the SERPs, and it will generate more traffic.

Increase in Quality Score – Quality Score is a number between 0 and 10 that indicates the website’s importance in the eyes of Google. Larry Page invents it. It is one of the factors that Google uses to rank a website.

More exposure – When a website has a high rank, it is displayed at the top of the search results. That only means that the site is likely to get more visitors. So, there would be more traffic to the site.

Link Development

link development

Link development is perhaps one of the most controversial and widely discussed topics in the search engine optimisation industry. Backlinks are critical. The more backlinks you have, the higher will be the rank of your website. But the backlinks should have quality. Backlinks at undesired blog posts are entirely irrelevant and a waste of time. Place backlinks where you think people will get back to your website. Google also checks for the backlinks. If you have quality backlinks, then you will have a higher ranking plus more traffic to your site.

Good quality link development concentrates on quality work rather than quantity work. A good quality link is worth a thousand times more than hundreds of free directory submissions.

The basics of link building are based on good quality. It means useful, interesting, and entertaining stuff.

SEO Content Writing

SEO content writing is not a rocket-science. Good content writers have this secret formula that makes the plain text magical. If you write from user’s point of view, you will always write well. SEO content writing is writing the stuff that not only the user would like, but it would also place your website higher in search results.

SEO content writing is very useful as a service. Well, if the content is written that has been written is helpful and exciting then you will get attention. You are likely to get more shares and pins. A well-written content can do magic for you. If it goes viral, then chances are you’ll get a higher place in the search results, and your website will get regular visits hoping that they’ll get more interesting stuff to read.

Thinking of a colourful roof? Consider Colorbond flash roofing

Colorbond represents the brand name for a coated steel product. Bluescope Steel is the owner of this brand, and when you think of corrugated iron, Colorbond has earned an excellent reputation across Australia.In earlier years, corrugated iron had gained significant customer acceptance for the unusual properties that this product brought along. It could be easily transported, was stackable, and pretty light weight. The history of corrugated iron goes back to the 1850s and soon became a popular roofing option. However, the regular roof painting service was essential since the roofs did not look attractive without a coat of paint.colorbond by roof painting service

Colorbond has now filled this vacuum by introducing pre-painted galvanised sheets. Consequently, this has become a sought after option for homeowners who are looking for quality as well as the economy.For homes with a flat roof, irrespective of whether it has a slope or note, Colorbond is a single choice. However, this is a popular choice for most architects and designers can use it to lend creativity and uniqueness in appearance.

Beyond these fundamental factors, Colorbond has the following specific benefits.


In the commercial, industrial and residential roofing market Colorbond is less expensive compared to most other options.


Cooling and heating expenses peg lower when Colorbond is used for the roofing. With proper insulation, the thermal efficiency of Colorbond is better than most other materials available in the market. Insulated Colorbond also helps in keeping you cool during the summer days and warm when the climate changes to winter. Insulation of Colorbond also helps in reducing the noise caused by rainfall.

Flexibility in design

With Colorbond you can create flexible designs according to your choice. The spanning potential is also high with steel roofing, allowing greater floor area free from columns.

roof painting service professionals fixing the color bondWide range of colours

Colorbond is available in a wide variety of colours. Designers can, therefore, get more creative in presenting a unique look to your roof. The vast array of profiles makes it further convenient to choose the best fit for basic and design needs of your home.

Easy construction

Colorbond ensures efficient, fast and easy installation and supports portable roll-forming. This feature allows sheets to roll up to 100 meters on-site. A distinct advantage of this function is that homeowners can avoid lap joints saving plenty of time, effort and money.

Thermal efficiency

The high thermal efficiency of Colorbond ensures that only minimal heat enters your home which helps in keeping your home warm during the winter days. Lighter colours of Colorbond may also contribute to a lower cost for insulation saving a significant amount of time and construction cost.

Durability and strength

Colorbond resists corrosion, and the zinc alum steel affords protection from issues like chipping, peeling and cracking. The high strength of Colorbond ensures that your roof remains trouble free from several decades.

colorbond propertyGuaranteed new look for several years

Colorbond employs the advanced pre-painting technology with the help of super polyester coating. In turn, this will ensure that your roof looks new for several years to come. Since the paint remains firm your chances of getting termites or other elements.

Great functional values

Colorbond is easy enough to transport, affords great flexibility in working, is available in a wide array of colours allowing the homeowners to choose colours that merge well with their surroundings, and very affordable, particularly from a long-term perspective.

Ideas that you can use for getting the best out of Colorbond roofing

When you decide to choose Colorbond roofing, it is desirable that you have a checklist drawn out to address the following issues:-

  • Walls
  • Roof
  • Downpipes, gutter and fascia
  • Garage door
  • Fence
  • Window frames
  • Front door

house colorbond fenceSamples to determine final colour scheme

Given the wide range of colours offered by Colorbond, it helps to collect samples for all the finishes and materials before deciding on the final finishes and colours.

The light weight advantage

Colorbond roofing is significantly lighter in weight compared to other options and is about 10% of a roof with concrete tiles. This, in turn, translates to a much lighter framing and greater rafter spacing. Further, Colorbond does not get heavier when wet whereas a concrete tile absorbs some water before the runoff making the tile heavier. Structural changes would be needed to accommodate the heavier weight.

In areas prone to bushfire

In areas that are prone to bushfire, Colorbond roofing makes an ideal choice because the flat sheets afford lesser space for the embers to reside in the event of a bushfire.

Free from moisture absorption

Colorbond roofing does not retain any moisture. This feature provides excellent protection from issues like black mould. Conversely, concrete tiles do absorb moisture, and even after all the black frame is scrubbed off, the spores reside beneath the tiles to come back at a later date. Mould growth at intervals can impact the overall cost of your home, mainly because many people see it as a health hazard.

Risks associated with frequent cleaning of the roof

Colorbond needs hardly any cleaning after it has been installed correctly. With many other conventional materials, homeowners need to go over the roof top and clean up the tiles at regular intervals to stay free from issues like rust, mould and other elements. It could be a bit of fun getting on to the roof and doing some work there when you are young. But as you grow older, the job gets tougher, and you need to be more cautious in executing such tasks.

Colorbond is your best option from several angles

colorbond fencing by roofing servicesWith a basket of advantages listed above, Colorbond for your roofing needs makes an intelligent choice. Colorbond roofing lasts several years, planning a new roof or replace an existing onand your cost compares favourably with a host of other options.

If you are planning a new roof or replace an existing one, Colorbond is the choice today. With Colorbond, you have the advantage of cost effectiveness, light weight and low maintenance needs. With most other roofing options, you can hardly find all these values packed into one.